What is Website Content? Why is It Still King?

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Website content is any means of information that is uploaded to a certain domain or website. It doesn’t matter if we’re referring to images, text, audio, links, logos, buttons, charts, etc. The very first time you publish to your website you have content.

Most of you are probably saying I already knew that, however, I’m willing to bet many people who read this article now and in the future will not know what the term “website content” means. We can’t always assume that everybody knows what we know. This is why content is still king with the major search engines and always will be. The big players such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and all the rest understand that their job is to get their customer an answer. Not only just an answer but the best answer. Their customer’s are all of us typing words and phrases into search boxes on the Internet when we want to find something. I’m not saying that the search engines won’t throw you a curve from time to time but the fundamental principle of searching won’t. When you type a word or phrase in that search box you are expecting to be taken to a page that has multiple listings of quality information that you can use. This is why Google is the biggest most powerful search engine on the planet. It’s because when you tell them you want to find something on the Internet they go and get exactly what you want. Don’t get me wrong. To truly reap the benefits of highly target organic traffic as well as pay per click you still have to do the other necessary evils depending on which nitche your website category is in. Yes I am again discussing one way back links, on page SEO and alt text and such.

Many webmasters have argued different points over the years as far as what really brings in the traffic. Is it back links or is it great content? The true answers are hidden by the likes of Google, Yahoo and the rest. If they let the world know their exact algorithm it would be duplicated quickly and would hurt their positions as the world’s premier search engines.

So the bottom line is this. If you want a website that will break through to the other side of high flowing dedicated traffic then you need to make sure you comply fully. Do the SEO work, use the proper key wording and tags, create plenty of good strong back links and above all make sure you always have viable and usable content. Know that if you are missing any of those items it will not help your website but instead will hinder it.

Hopefully this will help answer some real questions about website content. Think about what your keyword is and tell your user everything they could possibly need to know about that keyword. The search engines will then reward you well for helping them out by sending you more and more visitors.

Understand this article and you will understand why you always hear the term “Content is Still King.”

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