The Art of Producing Music!

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Music Production is defined by Wikipedia as an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the mental processes that support musical behaviors, including perception, comprehension, memory, attention, and performance.

I tend to agree with this definition. The art of producing music is such an art that very few people are capable of actually doing it. Lots of people can play an instrument well or sing delightfully but very few people in relation to the world population can harness the thought process and effects of music so well as to actually arrange it in such a way that you’re able to feel it when you listen to it. In my eyes this is what a music producer truly does. I am not one of them. I’ve never been able to tame,control or harness the music. It just comes and goes for me. But a real producer has that ability.

Much has been studied about the effects of music on audiences over the years. Some scholars say that music production is a learned value that with proper application of the mind and practice can be taught. Others say that some are born to hear music in such a way that they can play darn near any instrument and arrange all day long without using much effort.

Most of the biggest bands in the world employ music producers because of just those reasons. Unfortunately for some of the producers it works the other way as well. There are those that know how to hear and arrange music but can’t grasp playing an instrument. They love the idea of it but just can’t do it. These people will then spend may hours dedicated to honing their skill which they can control and become music producers.

In the end I think our mind is capable of doing just about anything as long as you tell it what to do and guide it on a regular basis. If you tell yourself enough times with conviction that you are going to be a Rock Star eventually you will become a Rock Star!

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Music Production: A Manual for Producers, Composers, Arrangers, and Students

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