Virtual Assistant Good Or Bad?

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Evidently very good if you have chosen the right company. Bad if you choose the wrong one! A virtual assistant can save your business valuable time and money. You save time by eliminating some of the everyday tasks that keep you from doing what you’re really good at and you save money because you don’t have to pay on a full time basis. Things like FICA, state unemployment taxes, social security, health insurance, profit sharing, holiday pay and more can all be eliminated from your cost. You just pay for their services when you need it. I don’t have one yet, however, I am just now getting to the point to where I can barely keep up so I have been really on top of this subject lately. The company that I plan on using is Team Double-Click. They come highly recommended by the likes of Fox News, Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC News, CNN Money, Staff Digest, Woman’s Day Magazine and more. This company currently has 65,317 virtual assistants available and started their business back in 2000.  They’re always looking for more good assistants too. So if you have some skills, you could make some extra money at home working for them. I must warn you that their screening process for employing you is very thorough so be on your toes. They only want the best people to represent their clients and that is one of the traits that I really like about them. The company has told me that if any of my readers wanted to be a virtual assistant they would need to visit the contractor services area here.

Other tasks a virtual assistant can do for you are, telecommuting, lead follow ups, social marketing, transferring files, typing, etc.

As I stated earlier, determining whether a virtual assistant is good or bad for you will depend first on your needs and second on which company you choose. If you’re like me and you’re almost to the point of overload doing it all by yourself then maybe it’s time to start thinking about it.

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