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Article Marketing has the power to take your website to levels you haven’t seen. Many people completely under-estimate the full potential of what it can do for their online business. When done properly article marketing allows you to leave your digital footprint on the world and will drive an amazing amount of traffic to your website for eternity. Notice I said when done properly!

Try to look at it this way. Because of the relative newness of Modern Day Peasants it really didn’t matter what I wrote on this blog in regards to getting my articles placed on the first page of the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and the likes. The website was too new. They won’t let you in that easy, I don’t care if you’re writing award winning articles. I needed to find a stronger avenue to say what I had to say so I looked into writing articles for online article directories such as and and of course my favorite Ezine Articles.(You will do very well with the three I have listed and eHow will even pay you to write for them). I knew these companies had been around for quite some time. I also knew they had some pull when it came to page rank because of the amount of back links they have and because of how long they have been in business. Most importantly, I knew that you get to add a link to your website in the resource box. This is where the real power for your website comes in. I’ll explain later in this post.

Next I did my research on how to write a great article and the very first one I wrote landed on Google’s first page out of 322 million pages and it’s still there. I have wrote 20 other articles since then and I will continue to write them. A little over half of those have ended up on the first page out of millions of pages as well.  Getting your articles on the first page needs to be your goal! So far to date those articles have brought somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 visitors to this site. Now you might say that 700 visitors isn’t a lot but when you add those numbers over years it will be thousands and maybe one day millions. I saw a guy the other day who has written over 1500 articles. The average is about three visitors a day per article, so if he has all those pointing to one website he will get 4500 visitors per day just off his article marketing alone. Do you get my point?

Many people think that writing articles is too much work for the amount of visitors they get but those people are not thinking clearly. You write articles to solidify your presence online. Write them in such a manor that they are of great help to people. Use keywords in your title and make sure that you also use those same keywords in the beginning and the end of the article. Sprinkle just two or three in the main body as well and you’ll do fine. Try to stay between 300-750 words and finally leave a link to your website in the resource box in case the reader wants to learn more. If you do a good enough job presenting your case they will click that link and come to see you.

To sum it up if you truly want to leave an impact in the online world then you need to power your website with article marketing.

Best Wishes!

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