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I recently stumbled onto a new outlet for musicians to promote their music through the Internet that I wanted to share. It’s called musicSubmit. The thing that fascinates me so much about these guys is what they actually do! Basically you register with them online and submit your music to their site. They will then proceed to submit your music and materials to a combination of Internet based resources for you such as radio stations, online music magazines, blogs, directories, podcasts and Indie Record Labels.

Even more cool is that they also provide you with full reporting. After you have submitted your material they will notify you by email when your submissions begin. You can then log into your account and go to the reporting section and see a complete list with running totals of the sites to which your music and materials have been submitted. The reporting page will include website link, date sent, site name and type of site. This allows you to keep track of the sites that have reviewed your music.

The company was set up by a musician who was spending too much of his time marketing his music on the Internet and too little time actually playing out and making new music. What an excellent idea! You get to create more and better music which is what you love anyway and they do all the Internet marketing for you. musicSubmit has basically taken your hours and hours of Internet research work and submitting out of the picture. They do the Internet promotion for musicians and musicians get to do what they love doing! Cheers to musicSubmit!

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