Revolutionary New Tool Will Eliminate Business Cards

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by: Dan Waggoner

A blogging friend of mine recently sent me some information on a revolutionary new tool called the MingleStick which will most certainly eliminate the business cards that we all have used for years. Some of my social and business minded friends out there are going to go ape over this one and you all know who you are. The MingleStick is a small inexpensive ($19.95) electronic keychain device that allows people to exchange identity information with the click of a button. I’m sure it will be heavily used by business professionals, college students, organizers and such because it’s supported by both Windows and Mac and will hold up to 500 mingles.

The MingleStick exchanges only ID #s but when you log into your account you get all the information the other user has programmed into his or her accounts public profile such as:

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Email Address
  • Business Address
  • Home Address
  • Cell Phone #
  • Business Phone #
  • Home Phone #
  • Social Networking Profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn

All this can be exchanged with the simple press of a button. Below you can see two people connecting their MingleSticks.


purchase_MingleStickBasically, two users point their MingSticks at each other and press the button. When the red flashing light turns solid green it means the connections has been made. It happens within a split second. Then later on when you’re ready you plug your MingleStick into your USB port on your computer where it connects to the MingleStick website and uploads the information. You just login with a secure username and password.

I’m very excited about this product because of what it means to the business and social networking world as we know it. I personally can’t ever find somebody’s business card when I need it anyway so this is a real winner for me. In my opinion it is definitely a revolutionary tool and it will without a doubt eliminate the hassle of purchasing, carrying and exchanging business cards.

Check it out and see what you think!

Best Wishes

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