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If you have been following this blog you know by now how important building quality backlinks are to your website or blog. Backlinks will be one of the main determining factors of how much traffic your online business gets and how fast it gets PageRank. Another determining factor for Google PageRank is the niche (type of product) your business is in and how competitive that niche is. I am mentioning Google because they are the largest search engine for sending traffic. However, do not underestimate Yahoo and Bing. You can’t ignore those two either because they are pretty big players in the search engine arena. It’s important to submit your content to all three. Anyway, I’m getting side tracked here. Let’s get back to discussing building your backlinks.

There are lots of different ways to go about it. You are going to need tons of them if you are in a highly competitive niche and maybe not so many if your niche isn’t that competitive. Most of the websites and blogs that I see generally have between 1,000 and 5,000. I have seen them as high as a million. Sometimes the quality of the link is more important than the quantity. It really just depends on your competition.

If your site is fairly new the first thing you can and should do is submit your site to different directories. There are thousands of them on the Internet. Just try to make sure that you submit it to directories that are relevant to your site’s content. You should also submit your blog to some high level blog directories such as blogged.com, Technorati.com and my personal favorite which I have had very good results with is MyBlogLog. Each of those will give you a quality backlink.

Next, start making some really good and powerful comments on some other blogs that are in the same niche as yours or at least relative. You can use a free service called Comment Kahuna to search for multiple blogs based on the keywords that you input. It will also list the current Google PageRank of those blogs. You need to make sure that you are commenting on higher PageRanked sites to get the biggest bang. In addition, by commenting on sites with a higher PageRank you can get your site ranked quicker. But more important than any of that should be the caliber of the comment you are leaving. Visitors to blogs read comments. I read them when I’m visiting other blogs. You want to add a great comment for two reasons. The first is that if it’s not valuable to the site the webmaster may just delete it. The second reason is that if you are giving out valuable information, the readers of that blog may see your comment and come and visit your site. And before I forget, make sure whenever you leave a comment that you always place your website address in the box where it ask for it. This will serve as the link back to your site. Without it you are wasting your time and efforts for nothing.

Later on when you get things a little more organized you can start guest blogging for other blogs, always leaving a backlink to your site. You could also write articles that you think will help a blog or website in your niche and present it to the webmaster. If the owner of that site thinks it’s valuable he may place it on his site with your site signature on the article serving as yet another backlink.

Try to make sure that you always write high quality content on your site. This always attracts search engines and other blogs. If it’s really valuable information those sites will start linking to yours. If enough higher quality sites link to your site it will serve to tell the search engines that you must know what you’re talking about.

You will learn many different methods as time goes on. If you’re serious you will get more involved and learn more. Quality backlinks are very important if you want to constantly increase your visitors and without visitors your site is nothing more than dead weight sitting in the middle of the Internet Ocean. The process of building your backlinks can be tedious but is a necessary evil.

Best Wishes!

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