Average Joe Wins The Big Prize!

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I like hearing stories about the average hometown every day Joe getting the big prize. I’m not talking about winning the lottery. I’m talking more in the lines of when one of us regular peasants who have been struggling through this everyday thing we call life finally ends up making the big time. Somebody who nobody has ever heard of like American Idol Season 5’s Chris Daughtry for example. His story is a little older but the example will do.

Here’s a down to earth guy who was a Service advisor for a local car dealership in North Carolina who also happened to love singing. He aspired to be a musician since he was 16 years old. Chris worked at the dealer to support his wife and 2 kids like any good Husband and Dad would do but he also sang with his rock band at local clubs during the night and on weekends. He was very passionate about his love for music and still is. While Mr. Daughtry may have been able to support his family at the car dealership, he became very much more successful at what he truly loved doing. The guy didn’t even win American Idol in that season but still managed to become a mega successful rock star. Don’t get me wrong. I happen to like his music very much and there is no doubt about his talent but we can’t only use talent as an argument. People could also argue that Chris Daughtry had the venue of American Idol that made him famous. I think we would do good to remember that it was he who took the initiative to try out for Idol to begin with.

Let’s look at somebody much less in the spotlight now days but who still won the big prize. Kurt Warner of the Arizona Cardinals was just a second string quarterback for the St Louis Rams when he got his big shot and went on to win MVP of Super bowl XXXIV and also took the Arizona Cardinals to their first big game in Superbowl XLIII. Before that he played Arena football for the Iowa Barnstormers and also stocked shelves for a local grocery store in Cedar Falls, Iowa to support his family. Some would say that he got his big chance when Trent Green, the Rams starting quarterback, got hurt early in in the pre-season of 1999 and that if Trent didn’t get hurt Kurt Warner wouldn’t have become the legend he is today. There is no doubt with this similar situation that the available opportunity helped Kurt rise to fame and he is most certainly a talented individual as well, however, we can’t take his persistence out of the equation. The man played football for years before becoming a star.

So what is it that made these two average Joe’s finally win the big prize? Was their talent the overbearing reason? Could it be that their opportunities just came to them like somebody who wins the lottery or was it their persistence and love for what they did that ultimately made them so successful? I suspect it was a combination of all of the above. Either way, it is these kind of stories that give me the will to drive on. Stories like this give us hope that if we want something bad enough it is always within our reach to get it.

I believe that in order to be super successful in life, no matter what your niche is, you have to love that something very much. You have to own such a passion for it that nothing will ever stop you from chasing it! When you enjoy what you do, it becomes very easy to excel and learn more. Your will and hard work alone will give you the steam to finally get what you want and deserve. The moral of this post is that being an average Joe with a passionate hobby and the ability to keep your eye on the ball can yield much prosperity!

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