Building Your Business One Opt In at a Time

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Today I want to talk a little about building your online business by getting one opt in visitor at a time. I’m personally guilty of not following this advice as well or as quickly as I should have. That has all recently changed because I have seen the error of my ways. I think I just got lazy!

You see…many of the bigger online businesses out there just go out and buy a large portion of targeted email addresses or email lists in order to send out affiliate links and advertising to prospective buyers. It is very necessary to have a list of clients to send offers to. You must remember that people come to your website in search of something that can help them or something to buy and sometimes both are the same thing. Regardless, if they found what they wanted for free or purchased it from you, they are likely to come back again because hopefully you delivered the product easily, quickly and with good intent. Now they can feel more comfortable with you. You have built a trusting relationship with your customer. This is the exact reason I prefer to build my customer base one opt in at a time.

Put your opt in form somewhere on your website or blog and give your visitors the opportunity to decide if they want to hear from you again. If they do they will opt in and become your customer for life as long as you continue to treat them well and deliver on time as promised. You now also have the right to send them other information,opportunities or items they may have missed. Give them the opportunity to opt out also. If they’re not happy with what you’re sending them they will opt out. Your job is to make sure that doesn’t happen by consistently delivering quality products or information in a timely manor but just not too often. Nobody likes to be aggravated and nobody likes spam including me. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling information or physical goods. It all works the same way. I suppose buying a list of cold people who are uninformed about your product and you could serve a purpose but I much prefer my visitors know me and I know them.

No matter if you a well known email marketing company or build the mail responder yourself, it is vitally important to your site…. just make sure you do it. If your website is now up and running smooth the very first thing you should do is start building your business one opt in at a time.

Best Wishes!

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