What Successful Websites Have That Yours Doesn’t

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Have you ever spent some time thinking about what successful websites have that your doesn’t? Sure you have! You wouldn’t be reading this article if you weren’t serious about growing your website.

Most people get so wrapped up in all the little tedious components of SEO and building backlinks that they completely forget about the one thing that truly makes a website successful. So what is that one thing? It’s connecting with your visitors of course!

Sometimes we have to slow down and realize that it really is all about the visitors. If you take a serious look at the largely successful websites or brick and mortar businesses for that matter, the one thing they are very good at doing is staying connected with their customers.

It all makes perfect sense if you really think about it. We spend so much time working on our sites that we actually forget to ask our visitors what they want. How can you run a business without knowing what your customers want. It’s pretty much impossible.

Big business makes use of surveys and polls to find out what their customers want or need. You can do the same thing online with services like Poll Daddy or Survey Monkey.

Maybe it will just involve writing a blog post that ask forĀ  your visitor’s participation. It doesn’t really matter how you do it as long as you do it. I am guilty just like some of you of being too busy sometimes to actually get to know my visitors but this is a monumental mistake.

Remember…. people don’t like to be sold. They would rather make their own informed decision to purchase something they need or want. How can you offer what they need or want without asking them what those needs or wants are?

If you want to truly have a successful website then go now and get to know your visitors.

Best Wishes!

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