Supposed Internet Marketing Guru John Chow Says “He Played Me”

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Yesterday the supposed infamous Internet Marketing Guru John Chow sent me a retaliatory email saying “he played me”. For those of you who are unaware of what’s going on, I will explain after the email. Here’s the email he sent:

Oh please. The majority of readers are not commentators. Most comment just to get traffic to their own blogs. I knew going in the post would create a bunch of comments, good and bad. That’s why I posted it. Trying to think of a way out? Funny! If anything, I’ll post this email you sent just to show how very little you do know about Internet marketing. But you’ve been played already and will be forgotten by tomorrow.
Seriously, write about stuff you do know and are passionate about. You’ll do a lot better and might even make some money at it. John

Here is the email I sent him prior to his response:

Hi John, It looks like the majority of your readers think you are a big A-Hole for
doing this. I know right now you’re trying to think of a way out of this. I will give
you another chance and give you a way out if you’re interested in hearing it.
Regards, Dan Waggoner

Ok…so this is what it all comes down to. A few days ago I sent John and quite a few other high profile Internet Marketing people an email asking if they would be interested in endorsing my new eBook. I also mentioned that I might be looking for some affiliates to help sell the book. Some of them were happy to help, others weren’t interested, some sent automated responses and others didn’t respond at all. This prompted me to write the previous post to this one titled “Advice For Internet Marketing Newbies”. I didn’t specifically name anybody in the post but John may have read it and taken it personally, I’m really not sure. Rather than me telling you exactly how the email I sent to John was written you can read it on his blog post “email of the week”.

He posted the private email for the whole world to read. From what I understand it really torques Big John off when a small time blogger or fellow Internet Marketer tries to get his help or advice.

The interesting thing is that I used to read his blog. When he’s not being a complete arrogant butthead, he actually does know what he’s doing. This is why I requested his help to begin with.

Instead he ended up alienating one of his readers and possibly more. You will notice in his email to me how he really feels about his readers and potential customers. They’re all just a bunch of pawns trying to get traffic from his blog. He only cares about their money, not them!

While I understand the concept of drawing traffic to a blog and possibly trying to get higher PageRank, I certainly appreciate every comment I get.  I’m also, however, willing to bet that most of the people commenting on his blog are regular readers.

I personally find it funny that a guy who is supposedly making millions of dollars in the business of Internet Marketing would be interested in “playing”  a relative new comer asking for some advice or help. I mean… does he feel threatened or what?

Just for the record John, and I’m sure you’re reading this, it may only be 7 months now that I’ve been blogging but I have a little over 2 years of research invested in Internet Marketing. I believe this more than qualifies me to write a book about the field. It’s obvious that you think you’re an Internet God or something but that doesn’t mean other people don’t study the business too! I also know this post will get you even more visitors to your blog but I could care less. I’m not like you John, nor do I ever care to be.

Needless to say, I have no interest in taking this any further unless he continues his games. It’s not fair to those of you who read this blog on a regular basis. I just couldn’t let him get away with the blatant disrespect of my privacy.

I guess the underlying point is still the same though. Don’t ever become too big for your own good. Always try to help people out if you can, especially if they are potential clients of yours. As I stated in the previous post, it’s ok to learn from the Guru but don’t ever become the Guru, especially one like John Chow. Don’t go and start “playing” the very same people who serve to help make you what you are.

Best Wishes

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