Set Your Goals and Shut Up!

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It is my personal belief that if you want to truly become successful in life you must learn to set your goals and shut up. If you share your goals with the world you are only opening them up for criticism. People will begin to tell you it’s not possible. You can’t do it. You’re crazy! After you hear enough of this kind of talk you may begin to believe it yourself. This will eventually cause you to give up.

Many are never taught the importance of goal setting. It could be that the act of setting goals simply wasn’t important in their family structure.

I personally came from humble beginnings. The only goal worthy of talking about was to get a job and keep it. It was more important for my father to have a regular job which enabled him to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. That was the goal!

It wasn’t until I began my professional career in the automotive industry that I really learned the value of goal setting. Luckily, I had a great mentor who taught me the importance of setting a goal, keeping it to myself, achieving it and then moving on to bigger and better new goals.

You can accomplish darn near anything if you really want it bad enough. If you’ve already figured out what makes you happy in life, there’s not much more to do than set some reasonable goals and go after it. Write them down and possibly even frame them if it helps and then keep them to yourself unless the person you are telling shares the same goals with you.

Keep failure in it’s place. Know that failure is a part of the process. You may fail quite a few times before you actually succeed at your goals. If you never fail at anything how will you ever learn? A fear of failure will only serve as an excuse.

It has been said that Thomas Edison had over 10,000 failed experiments before he ever turned on his first light bulb. Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, had quite a few stores fail before he finally introduced his mega discount store chain to the rest of the world.

Think of all the great actors and musicians that we see and hear on the radio and television. How many of them do you believe aced their first auditions? Not too many I bet. The difference is that they got back up on the horse and tried again. They knew what their goals were and nothing was going to stop them.

Set your goals. Keep them to yourself and then make it happen!

Best Wishes

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