Hurry Up! You’ll Miss This Opportunity

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by: Dan Waggoner

Have you ever seen those words typed in a sales email written to you? I bet you’ve also seen it flashing on banner advertisement as well. It’s hard to get away from it. If you don’t sign up right now you are going to miss the opportunity of a lifetime!

This is one of the oldest and dearest tools for the average marketer. It’s called “creating a sense of urgency”. The advertiser’s objective is to get you to make an impulsive decision or purchase. A “gentle nudge” or so to speak.

This is really old hat stuff. I’m not much of a fan of this type of marketing. It reminds me of back in the early 90’s when I first started in the car business. I was selling cars for a Ford Dealer. We would have sales meetings on Saturday mornings and this was all the Sales Manager would ever talk about. “You must create a sense of urgency”….. he would yell across the room!

Some of us younger guys would laugh at him after the meeting was over and then we would go out and sell three or four cars that day and never use that technique on any of the buyers.

You don’t need to pressure anybody to buy anything! All you have to do is put it out there for sale and show the features and benefits of the product. If you have a good product they will buy. People buy features and benefits only. The majority of buyers aren’t even motivated by price.

If you have a great product to offer, whether online or at your brick and mortar location, just put it out there for a fair price. All your customer wants to know is what it does and how it will benefit them. If you’ve done a good enough job of explaining the features and benefits which offer value to your customer they will purchase it.

If you try to push them into buying it they will sense they are being sold. Nobody wants to be sold! Just think about when you went and bought your last television set. Did you buy it because somebody sold it to you or did you buy it because it had all the features and benefits you wanted?

I mean… I’m sure their were cheaper televisions available at that time. I bet some other models were even on sale. But you didn’t buy the one that was on sale did you? You bought the one that had 1080 dpi with all the bells and whistles.

I’m not saying to never use urgency. I am saying that it has it’s place. If you want to build some excitement for a new product launch or something of that nature then I can see it. I can even go along with lowering the price of a product and putting it on an expiration dated sale to move it out and make way for a new product.

However, If you find yourself using it for everything you try to sell you will quickly find out that you are chasing people away instead of inviting them in. If your product has value it will sell itself. All you need is the platform to demonstrate the value.

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