Add Some Integrity to Your Email Marketing Campaign

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There is something to be said about integrity. A person who has integrity will typically adhere to moral and ethical principles. An Internet Marketer who can add a little bit of this well needed trait into their email marketing systems is sure to do well for themselves and their customers.

Statistically speaking your job is to get your product in front of your customer 6 to 7 times before they will actually buy. Wow….that seems like a lot doesn’t it?

It is a lot…..but it’s only an average. It’s a statistic. Some will never buy because they will delete your email before they ever even open it up. Others will buy on the first mail sent to them. For most people it takes 6 to 7 times of viewing a product before they purchase.

With those things in mind that pretty much sums it up to one very important factor. To profit from an email marketing system you’re going to need volume. You need a large list.

I don’t want to get back into the ways of acquiring that large list. You know you’re going to need to be creative. Give your visitors a good reason to sign up!

The point is this. If the law of average says you’re going to have to show the product to the customer 6 to 7 times then you darn well better do it with some integrity. People will shut you down quicker than flipping a light switch. This means you need to seriously woe them.

Send them new and extremely valuable information with each email you send. The product should be second in nature unless the valuable information is the product. Think about why they came to your site in the first place. Use your analysis and charts and grafts to really learn what your visitor needs. Then offer it to them.

In the end most will buy from you because you have given them what they want or need, you have clearly demonstrated the benefits and you have added some integrity into your email marketing system.

Best Wishes

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