Do I Really Need My Own Website?

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The short answer is that there are Internet Marketers who operate without having their own website. They purchase large lists of email addresses and they simply start sending advertisement out to the list.

I look at this from a different perspective. I feel you need to have a home base and domain. If you want to be able to truly brand your business it’s almost impossible to not have one. It’s important to have your own piece of Internet Property. How can the world take you seriously if you don’t appear to be serious?

If you have bigger goals and want to build a legitimate business you should already be marking your territory on the web so the 1.6 billion users out there can find you if they need to. You must have your own spot on the Internet in order to tell the world who you are and what you’re all about. You need your own site to display your future products. You want the freedom to design your site as you see fit.

Some would argue that you can do just fine with a nice blog. The problem with that theory is that you need to have static space for products and efficiency. Some visitors seem to have more privacy concerns with blogs as well.

Think along the lines of some of the best branded companies in the world such as Coca Cola, McDonald’s and Nike. They all have numerous websites as well as a company blog. I’m not saying you need to go out a buy up a bunch of websites and blogs. Those businesses are all very well established and have been for quite some time.

I do, however, believe it’s necessary to have one of each. Use your website for the home base to display your own products and use your blog to push out valuable content for your visitors. Generally speaking you can start out with a great site and blog for about $9.95 a month. There are thousands of web hosting companies on the Internet to choose from. I personally found this web hosting company worked the best for my needs.

They had all the tools I wanted and also offered the blogging platform for free. In my opinion is the best business blogging platform there is. is ok but you loose some of the freedoms that you sometimes need like editing code, uploading new plug-ins, creating a custom theme and so forth.

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  • Kevin Gassen

    Well-written. Thanks. I have been learning a lot about different CMS programs lately. I have also been experimenting with setting up an e-commerce site using WordPress. Have you ever done that? Any suggestions for me? It’s pretty fun learning it. Visit my blog if you’d like to read more. Thanks again for this blog – it is really well-done.

    • Dan Waggoner

      No Kevin…I don't have an ecommerce site with WordPress but I have seen plenty set up. I'll look into to it and see if I can write a bit about it. Your site looks nice and a great subject by the way. Please feel free to come back again and thanks for the nice words.

  • Leonida Deponte

    Finally the first person to comment. You make some great points here. I was reading John Reese

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