What’s the Big Deal With Squidoo?

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by: Dan Waggoner

To put it mildly Squidoo helps to complete three very important tasks for your online business.

It allows you to very easily create a lens which acts as a back link and traffic generator for your website. They have a Google PageRank of 5 and Alexa Ranking of 301. The website gets about 3,600,000 visitors a day. Yes that is almost 4 million visitors in each and every day just surfing Squidoo’s site to possibly stumble onto yours. Well….to be correct they won’t really be stumbling onto yours because you will enter the proper keywords to target the traffic and you will be wise and add compelling and valued content on the site. As a registered member you will have this capability.

Your lens can also be used as an alternative source of income as you can most certainly monetize it and advertise on it. If you don’t know by now, I’m pretty big on multiple streams of income. You should be earning money anywhere and everywhere you can earn it. The ultimate idea is to have money coming in to your account from different sources everyday. After some time of doing this the earnings will eventually start to really add up. Just make sure you apply some good business ethics.

Finally the last reason you should consider setting up a Squidoo account is because it’s another place on the Internet to tell the world who you are and properly lead them to your business. The end goal is to get more traffic. Without traffic you have no business.

If you already have your own website up and running I can’t think of any reason you shouldn’t already be over there setting up your own lens. If you don’t have a site yet what a great opportunity to begin telling the world what you have in mind. Let everybody know about your up and coming business plans and propositions. Start driving traffic to your Squidoo lens so when you do get your site going you can drive traffic from your lens to your business website.

Best Wishes!

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