Using Individual Creativity as a Traffic Generator

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Your own individual creativity can generate much traffic to your website. Entrepreneurs and musicians alike share the art of being creative. If you possess this gift you can’t afford to waste it.

Website visitors and surfers respect individual creativity. If you can develop an extremely creative idea for your niche, you can generate thousands of new visitors. In some cases it could be millions!

Think along the lines of a YouTube video or possibly a collage of very powerful pictures that when combined will display a certain theme or idea. Just try to keep it somewhat related to your niche and always have a link to your site. This will help to hold the users attention and nudge them to click the link to visit your site and learn more about you and what it is that you do. If you have done a good job the new visitor will opt in to your email list and you can soon begin marketing your products to them.

Similarly, you should use your creativity inside your website as well. When you are drawing visitors in from another source they need to be able to find some useful content. You want them to be happy they visited and you surely want them to come back again. That’s the whole idea right?

There’s a ton of Web 2.0 sites out there where you can display your creativity and use it to draw your audience in such as Squidoo, YouTube, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Delicious just to name a few.

Be your own original self with your own original thoughts. Let your individual creativity flow all over the Internet always remembering to add a link to your own domain and you will soon find yourself with more new traffic than you care to count.

Best Wishes!

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