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by: Dan Waggoner

website trafficI’ve recently found the most innovative way of building an incredible amount of Google safe yet free one way backlinks while at the same time driving serious amounts of targeted traffic to your website. Generally speaking, when I find a new program I will usually just put a link on my site and let everybody check it out but ever so often I come across a true gem that I really need to elaborate on.

If you visit a site by the name of you can read and learn more about it but I will try to give you the basics. The word “free” really stood out to me. Who doesn’t like free?

Basically all you need to do is register at their website, set up your keywords and enter your website or blog address. Then write some articles for other bloggers to use on their site. You can pick the niche and keywords that you want to target and get up to 120 one way backlinks to your site for each article. They have thousands of bloggers waiting for new articles with valuable content.

Get enough targeted backlinks and it will drive your own site to the top of the page for Google, Yahoo and Bing. The top of the page is where you want to be to get the most visitors and in return earn more money.

What’s more is they have a two tier affiliate program you can sign up for to earn money and get even more backlinks when you send people to the site with your affiliate link.

You would only get paid if the visitor signs up for the PRO Membership account but you will continue to get free backlinks from any member you refer who actively participates and writes articles for the network to use. The PRO members can get up to 720 targeted backlinks per article and also enjoys quite a few more benefits like priority support and moderation, access to exclusive SEO info, discounts on special services and so forth.

For those of you with business websites or blogs who are lacking in the targeted traffic and backlink department, I highly recommend checking into this as soon as you can. This company has impressed me enough to join and even write a blog post about them. They have a huge network, very informative “how to videos” and seem to really have their act together.

Best Wishes!

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