20 Reasons Why Your Product Isn’t Selling

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Almost anything of value can be marketed on the Internet. Here is a list of 20 reasons why your product may not be selling.

1. You’re not properly displaying the features and benefits of the product.
2. Product is not being displayed to a targeted visitor. (trying to sell TV’s to somebody in search of shoes)
3. Your product isn’t selling because you have no call to action (not asking for the sale)
4. No business base (no website)
5. No opt-in form (no way to keep visitors and future customers informed)
6. Website shows a lack of professionalism (too many misspelled words, site not user friendly, etc.)
7. Product checkout not secure.
8. Your product isn’t selling because your ad copy is too pushy (people don’t like to be sold…they buy what they need or want)
9. Lack of credibility (you must build trust with your visitors)
10. Sub par product (has no real value to the visitor)
11. Lack of ad copy testing (You haven’t tried multiple ad copies)
12. Lack of Sincerity (Visitor doesn’t feel you are don’t care about their needs…just the sale)
13. One of the biggest reasons your product may not be selling is a lack of website traffic, SEO Site Promotion, key-wording, optimization (not enough people viewing your product)
14. Lack of advertising (again…not enough people viewing your product…no product awareness)
15. Product improperly displayed on site ( placed on bottom of page instead of top…no visibility)
16. Price is too high (when compared to similar products)
17. Price is too low (when compared to similar products…visitor perceives product is no good)
18. Product has no distinction (market is flooded)
19. Lack of return policy (shows you have no faith in your product)
20. Many people fail to sell their products because the shipping rate too high for physical products (when compared to industry standards….Customer feels ripped off)

If you can get the first five correct you are already well on your way to success. The rest is all fine tuning.

Please feel free to post your comments if you have something to add to the list.

Best Wishes!

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