Moving Freely Into The New Decade

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As we all enter this new decade I can’t help but reflect back on my life and the way things have developed leading up to this point.

Until the last year or so I have always been a very private person always taking great care to live the way I was taught by my parents and society.

You’re supposed to work your butt off even if you don’t like your job. Keep your personal feelings and thoughts to yourself. Don’t go too far out on any limbs. Refrain from taking unnecessary chances.

Life is not supposed to be fun I was told. You live, you work and then you die.

Well not anymore!

I quit the job I didn’t like anymore. I’ve build two websites and working on the third. I’m not a private person anymore. I go way out on limbs and I take as many unnecessary chances as I can. If I make mistakes then I start over. I certainly don’t worry about what others think.

This new decade will be one of freedom for me.

If I want to sit in my underwear and play poker online all day long then that is what I will do.

If I want to openly discuss sexuality, politics, the existence or non existence of God, conspiratorial subjects, abortion or any other controversial issues on this site or any of my other websites I will do that also.

Life is too precious and too short to not live it as we see fit.

There is no good in hiding our true feelings or identity from the world. These are the ideas that make us individuals.

I will do these tasks because I have made that decision.

I have taken action.

I will move freely in this new decade because I can.

If you’re life hasn’t been going the way you want then should make needed changes too!

Best Wishes

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