20 Ideas To Help Your Blog’s Popularity

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Building the popularity of your blog is an on going task. Below is a list of ideas that may help.

1. Write about stuff you are highly interested in and knowledgeable on. Your readers we be able to feel your excitement as they are reading.

2. Make use of images and pictures. Be sure they are relative to the subject at hand and use your own personal images if possible. This will make your blog unique and people love to look at pictures.

3. Be controversial. If you have a different opinion about a widely popular subject write about it. A little controversy is always a good read.

4. Share your knowledgeable opinions on other popular blogs within your niche in the comment sections. Be sure to leave a link back to your blog and use your site’s keywords whenever possible.

5. Become an active member at numerous popular social networks such as Digg, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious and the likes. Visit other people’s sites and interact often.

6. Be personal. Allow your readers to get to know you. It’s not necessary to tell them what time you brushed your teeth this morning but it is necessary to write in a first person type format. This will eventually allow your readers to feel they know you on a personal level.

7. Write frequently and write consistently.  By doing this your readers will know what to expect and when to come and visit your site.

8. Write new posts on the weekends. Most all blogs are posted during the week. On the weekend people like to take a break and won’t write in their blogs. By writing on the weekend you could be attracting an entire new crowd who is looking to sit back and take it easy with some good reading. If they like what they read they might just decide to opt-in to your newsletter .

9. Be creative. Put creative twists on old subjects and write in such a way that it prompts interaction and responses from your visitors. Ask questions, etc.

10. Link to high profile blogs or websites when you need to backup a certain point. This will help to display a little trust with your readers and the bloggers or writers you link to may just notice it and try to help you out with a link back.

11. Incorporate video into your blog. Website visitors love to watch videos. The overwhelming popularity of YouTube proves this theory.

12. Use social bookmarking buttons on your blog post to allow your readers to Digg, Stumble or tweet your posts. A really good post being dug, stumbled or tweeted can generate thousands of new visitors. If you use WordPress there are many plugins you can download to add the buttons to your site.

13. Hold contests and give away prizes to the winners. People love to enter contests. They generally will tell their friends and families about them also if the contest is unique enough. You could also use the contest as a means to get your visitors to opt-in to your email list.

14. If you are advertising on your site use links to places that can only be visited online. Anybody can get in the car and drive to Walmart thus there is no need to put a Walmart ad on your site. By advertising for high traffic web only companies your site may gain in popularity because of your unique advertising links.

15. Keep it simple. Make your blog easy to follow and easy to read. Too many links, too much noise or an over abundance of advertising could actually have a reverse effect and cause your blog to lose popularity.

16. Add your RSS feed to popular blog directories. Just search the term “blog directory” or “submit blog” and you’ll find plenty of them. Be sure not to submit it to the same place more than once. This could be considered spamming and will cause your blog not to be listed.

17. Submit an XML Sitemap of your blog to Google, Bing and Yahoo. If you use WordPress you can download the XML Sitemap plugin. This will help the three biggest search engines index your blog and it will automatically send them a new sitemap every time you write a new post.

18. Write a great “About” page for your blog displaying your personal picture. This allows your visitors to get to know you a little better and also tells them what your blog is all about and why it exists in the first place.

19. Encourage commenting on your blog. People love to write comments and many of them like to become known through popular blogs. Consider downloading a plugin such as Top Commentators to help increase your blog comments and it’s popularity.

20. If your site loads with music remove it. I’ve found that it only serves to slow down the way the site loads for the most part and music seems to disturb people while they are trying to read. If you must have music on your site just create some link buttons where people can have the choice to play it or not.

Ok….Now that we’ve got the business out of the way here’s a hilarious video for you to watch.

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