How to Really Get Serious Website Traffic

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galaxyI’m guessing you clicked on this title because you want to know how to really get serious amounts of website traffic.

Follow the directions of this article and you can have access to all the traffic in the universe for free.

I will try to be brief so follow along.

I have been doing this for over a year now. I’ve started new websites since the inception of the one you are now reading.

I’ve done a serious amount of social marketing on different social websites such as Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Facebook, Squidoo and the likes.

I know what it takes to get serious website traffic.

I’ve written hundreds of articles for my sites and other sites like eHow, EzineArtciles, GoArticles, ArticlesBase.com and many others.

If you are looking for a way to increase search engine traffic and actually profit from advertising or possibly earn a living selling a product then start building a brand new site at this very moment. Build it using only WordPress.org if you want.

Keep the content of your site about one and only one subject. Narrow your niche down as small as possible. For example, if you are a watch freak then make your site all about Breitling Watches only. This will keep your keywords very focused and extremely search engine friendly. You will essentially write and display everything about Breitling Watches. The point is to get a serious amount of keyword density so that all the major search engines will see your site and know 100% that your site is a specialist when it comes to Breitling Watches.

Write 30 quality content articles with at least two images or pictures on each article before you go live on the search engines. WordPress will give you the option under “settings” to keep your site private from the search engines until you are ready to go live. Once you have your 30 articles written and all advertising in place then you can change your settings to be search engine friendly. The privacy settings will simply be changing the robot.txt files to disallow the search engines until such time you are ready to allow them.

Use your site keyword when you are linking out to other respectable sites related to Breitling Watches. This will help you to eventually rank for that particular keyword.

Be sure you use a theme that has built in SEO or download a plug-in such as “All In One Seo.”

Try to always use alternative text for your images.

Make the site user friendly and easy to navigate.

When you have your 30 articles complete and all Seo done properly then go ahead and change your settings to bring your site live.

Start immediately commenting on other blogs and sites about Breitling Watches. Make sure to leave a link back to your site with each comment.

Submit your site to the biggest blog directories and search engines.

Submit your feed address to the well know feed directories.

If you have completed all these steps properly, you will be seeing large amounts of traffic within days.

Always maintain your site regularly. Check and repair broken links, continue finding new Seo techniques, write new content for your site often.

Write quality content related to your niche for other well know sites in the top level niche and always link back to your site in the resource box.

Get to know other marketers in your niche.

Partner with the ones you trust.

Maybe Brightling Watches aren’t going to be your niche but you get my point. If you love ice cream and you are an ice cream expert then make your site about one kind of ice cream.

When you keep your keywords narrowed to one or two then you are greatly increasing your success rate. You will enjoy extremely high amounts of free targeted traffic forever.

If you read this article from start to finish, you now know how to get serious website traffic.

Best Wishes!


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