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The competition in today’s website marketing is so fierce that you really must do everything you can to get outside the box.

While the term “outside the box” might be a little overused the idea itself is not.

It is absolutely imperative that you not only do all the normal social marketing, SEO work, blog commenting and directory submissions but also use your creative ability to advertise your website as well.

When I say get outside the box, I mean to think in different terms such as possibly contacting the owners of highly visible YouTube videos within your niche or industry and building relationships.  Then ask for permission to advertise on their video or even pay them for advertising within their highly watched videos.

You could also contact the owners of highly visible blogs and websites who have a tremendous amount of traffic and strike a deal with them to place your website banner or text link on their front page. Just know up front that you don’t get anything for free. You are going to have to introduce yourself and build a relationship with them first. After that you may want to offer some kind of assistance or something that may help them before they will agree to help you.

Another idea to try would be contacting some of the Twitter and Facebook stars with huge traffic and ask them if they would be willing to display your banner or text link on their pages. Remember… relationship first, then offer assistance and finally ask for reciprocal action.

The bottom line in acquiring amazing website traffic and advertsing comes down to having a worthy product and strong relationship building.

Many webmasters spend an inordinate amount of time making sure their sites are as close to perfect as possible. They are not going to let you in unless they get to know you and learn to trust you. Therefore you must learn to build relationships.

In addition, people love to shop and surf the Internet but they also still want to know who they are dealing with.

Your personal relationship skills must be above adequate.

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