Intensity of Actions Determine Success

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Work out successThink about the way a weight trainer pushes his or her body to the point of muscle failure. They do this on a regular or routine schedule to get the results they are looking for. The trainer understands the intensity of his/her actions will determine their success. In order to change the individual body mass, lines and structure he or she must consistently perform the necessary tasks over and over again until success is achieved.

The cool part about this is what happens during the midst of the daily routine. Somewhere along the line, the trainer’s intense schedule actually becomes a habit in which their mind craves. The mind actually misses the repetition of the workout, the smell of the gym and the feeling the muscles give when they are exhausted. The habit of working out has become an addiction and what a good addiction to have.

It’s the same way with musicians. I once saw an interview on TV of the famous guitarist Chet Akins before he died. In the interview Chet was asked about his love for playing the guitar. His response was that he loved it so much he misses it. He was older at the time and didn’t quite have the intensity required anymore. But he said he used to practice until his fingers would bleed and then he would just keep on playing.

The human mind is a very powerful and resourceful tool.

Do not ever make the mistake of believing that you can not be successful.

You can be successful at anything you trick your mind into being.

Intense and consistent repetition is the key.

Apply this approach in your business and you will have a very successful business as well.

Know that there is no doubt you will become extremely successful after the intensity and consistency of your actions become a habit or addiction to your mind. It’s all about fundamentally changing the way you think and do things. Just be certain the actions you take are a sure path to the desired outcome.

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