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World_Wide_WebDon’t take choosing your domain name lightly. Rest assured, the profitability of your online business hinges on the name you choose. The single best piece of advice I can give you is to make choosing a domain name for your site special. Take this task seriously while you’re starting your business website! Any Internet based business can be profitable after a diligent amount of research, hard work and effort but it can be much more profitable and decisively quicker based on the domain name that you choose.

The reason for this is because having a profitable online business is all about getting targeted visitors to your website or blog. A site with 250 daily unique targeted visitors can earn just as much money if not more than a site with 1000 daily un-targeted visitors.

If you don’t already have a well established online business you should know that it has much to do with targeting¬† a niche market and narrowing certain words down that are used by people searching for the product of that particular niche. Most people use a keyword tool to determine what words are searched most often.

Targeted visitors are acquired either by organic keyword search or paid keyword search. By applying this technique you are actively seeking visitors by creating ads or links using the keywords that your visitors are most likely to type into the search box.

For example, if your business specializes in duct tape then you may want to seriously consider using the term “duct tape” in your domain name. By doing so you are greatly increasing the chance that your site shows up whenever anybody types the term “duct tape” into a search box. You should also be creating ads and links with more specific keywords such as “red duct tape” or “best duct tape”.

The point, however, still remains the same. If you want to specialize in selling duct tape online then you are definitely going to want to use the term “duct tape” in your domain name. If your name is Jake then your domain name could possibly be DuctTapeByJake.com. Easy right? Notice I put the words Duct Tape before the word Jake. This is because I want the search engines to know that “duct tape” is the most important term.

Try to keep the domain name simple and not too long. Even with all of today’s new Internet technology you still want your domain to be easy to remember. It’s much easier for somebody to recommend DuctTapeByJake.com than it is for them to remember and recommend DuctTapeInAllSizes&Colors119076.com.

Either way, when your domain name consist of one or two of your site’s primary keywords you are absolutely going to have much more targeted website traffic as long as you are applying the right amount of keyword density throughout your content. The end result will be a more profitable online business.

Now… let’s say that you are in the duct tape business but you instead opt to choose JakesTapes.com as your domain name. This isn’t a terrible name but you need to understand that it may be much harder for you to get targeted traffic to the site. Search engines and people may mistake the site for a business that sells cassette tapes or possibly even other tapes such as masking tape or scotch tape. You might get a bunch more traffic but a good portion of the traffic will arrive and leave quickly because it’s not what the visitor was actually looking for. Essentially you’re working harder for less sales and that’s no good!

Many people ask how Google got away with naming their domain Google.com. The answer is by way of excellent business branding. They branded that name Google very well before it became the world’s most popular search engine.

It’s okay to go with a completely off the wall domain name if you are (A) already a well established business or (B) you understand it’s going to be a much longer tougher road attracting targeted website customers or (C) You have tons of money to pay for PPC advertising and other paid targeted SEM plans. Of course, you always have one or two people like me who are just gluttons for punishment and simply must do things the hard way. Actually I chose the name of this site because I thought it might be memorable and it was also before I knew everything I now know about domain names and traffic.

The idea is to be smart and do your research before you just pick any old domain name.

You’ll be very happy you did later on in the process.

Best Wishes!

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