Is Mass Article Submission Considered Spamming?

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I’m sure some of you are already well aware of what a good article marketing campaign can do for your website traffic as well as your conversions.

Mass article submission is still the most effective and cost efficient method used by serious online marketers to draw traffic to a website or sales page. It’s not considered spamming if you submit a totally unique article to each different directory. In fact, when used properly, you can raise PageRank and gain hundreds or thousands of new one-way back links in a very short period of time. The idea itself is genius and can help you earn your name and your living online as long as you do it responsibly. Don’t sweat it too much though….it’s easier than you think. You only need to know how to read, write and follow procedure.

In simplest terms… using the program you will:

(1) Do some drill down keyword research to make sure you are targeting a profitable phrase or market with your titles. Essentially you want your titles to be really good long tailed keywords with low competition.

(2) Next, you’ll write a few compelling articles related to your site or product and enter the articles into the mass article distribution software. Always write the best titles and articles you could ever write. Keep in mind that anything you put out there is a representation of your site and your business. Also, be certain to write an outstanding resource box so your readers will be certain to click the link to your site and learn more. You usually don’t get more than a couple sentences for the resource box so make it count and use your keyword(s) for anchor text. It’s usually a good idea to state your name and specialty also.

(3) The program will then automatically re-write those few articles for you and turn them into hundreds or even up to a thousand new articles. It re-writes the articles to firstly keep you from having to write so many and secondly avoid duplicate content and spamming penalties from Google and other major search engines.

(4) Finally, the software will then distribute your articles to hundreds or thousands of article directories and ezines of your choice.

When these steps are all done properly you will have effectively created hundreds if not thousands of valuable and relative one-way backlinks to your site. With new backlinks comes plenty of new visitors to your sales page. Obviously more visitors means more money right?

If you want even more traffic then just simply rinse and repeat.

There comes a time when all business owners and webmasters have to invest in the growth of their online businesses.

The key is to invest in a proven product that’s relatively easy to use and one that actually gets superior results allowing you to focus more on ad copy, conversions and making money. The bottom line is you want a serious amount of backlinks fast without being penalized for spamming or duplicate content.

Basically, Unique Article Wizard is the best I’ve ever been able to find. As far as I know… it’s the best that has ever been created. Many have tried to replicate it but all have failed.

Good luck and happy article marketing!

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