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CommunityUpdate to previous commenting post.

This will be posted as the new site commenting policy.

Long story short….None of you had a clue of what was to be considered as acceptable comments on this site because I never gave you a clue….. That was my fault!

Please read the guidelines below for acceptable comments on this site:

…..It should be relative to the post.

…..If you want to include your link it should be in the title….not in the body of the comment.

…..Don’t even bother if your site is related to porn, gambling, weight loss, lottery, pharmaceuticals or anything else I may deem as BS…..Being shunned is no fun.

…..If you are linking from another site please refrain from using links to incomplete sites.

…..No profanity and no hate.

…..I reserve the right to add, subtract, modify these rules as I see fit.

…..Finally, as your ridiculously dedicated host, please let me say thanks for reading the site commenting policy.

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