Low Cost Targeted Website Promotion

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This is what we’re all looking for right? We want good reliable low cost targeted website promotion.

We want traffic to come to our site and we want a bunch of it.

I’m always researching different ways to promote my websites but I wanted to let you guys know I’ve had a considerable amount of luck using certain website directories.

Many of them are free to submit your information and each one serves as a new back link to your site. Some will even target local areas for you. Obviously, some of the better directories with higher amounts of traffic require payment for higher levels of site promotion but the cool thing about it is you can use targeted keywords for the title of your site.

As I have previously stated, keyword targeting is by far the best way to get buyers to your site who happen to be looking for what you offer. More often than not you can purchase a featured review of your site which generally last for a year. In some cases it can be a lifetime listing.

When you submit your site info to a directory you must pay attention to what category you are submitting to. People who use website directories will sift through the categories to find the information they are searching for.

Don’t place a link for your golf supply site in the “computers” category as this will cause you to get much less clicks and visits.

Ok…that’s about it for today.

Now go promote your site.

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