A strong mind creates its own reality

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The reality in which we live is the result of a set of actions created and produced by our own minds.

As long as it truly can be…. your reality is going to be whatever your mind perceives it to be.

Many people don’t know about this, never find out about it or don’t believe it. Most just think it’s goofy and therefore never really use the most capable tool they have.

When humans, like other animals, get hungry in the stomach we go out in search of food. If we can’t afford it or the food is not readily available our mind will tell us to go out and kill it if necessary but most certainly make it happen. This is a survival instinct of the mind. The hunger flows through your body and the mind will then begin manifesting reality. It will get what is needed!

Productive types have learned how to tap into this suggestive power of their minds and effectively create the kind of reality they desire.

If a person wants love they go out and find it. The same applies if money or power is desired.

Results, whether good or bad, are acquired by thoughts and then action.

I don’t want you to be thinking, after reading this, that all you need to do is repeat over and over that you want to be rich and it will just magically happen.

If you do you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Instead, find out the necessary steps to produce the outcome desired. Next, you need to get in touch with your inner self and begin believing whole heartedly that you are destined to succeed in your want or need.

Once you see proof of the suggestive power of your mind for the first time the excitement will cause you to produce bigger and better results each time.

I recommend starting small. For example, maybe just start telling yourself that you are going to be more lucky instead of unlucky. Give it some time, possibly a couple weeks for evaluation. Take note of every lucky thing that happens to you. It could be as simple as getting a closer parking spot that you usually don’t get when going to the grocery store. It’s not necessary to believe in luck but it is necessary to recognize that good and bad things happen in life on a daily basis.

All actions cause a reaction.

You will soon notice that your mind is telling you that more good things are starting to happen and the next thing you know you will be considering yourself a lucky person.

This is a real example of the human mind suggesting and manifesting it’s own reality.

Later when you get more practiced you will begin to see that you can create just about any outcome you want using suggestions to your mind.

So If you are currently unhappy with work or life just know that the reason you are in the situation is because you told your mind that this is what you wanted to do. Maybe it was a quick way to earn money to pay your monthly bills at the time and it worked so you continue to do it today. Similarly….It could be that you live with a person because it was advantageous when you met but now it only serves to restrain your happiness rather than improve your quality of life. People who live in these conditions haven’t desired to change things therefore they haven’t told their minds to do anything different.

Your mind is like a super computer that can be programmed to do whatever you want it to do.

Recognize that it takes time for highly desired outcomes to manifest because they are highly desired!

Above all…..put a plan into action.

By action.. I mean don’t just say it in your mind but also follow through with the steps needed to produce the desired outcome.

Remind your mind of what you want and then follow through with action.

Start making your mind stronger today and begin creating a new reality for yourself.

Best Wishes!

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