Ready to Give Up on Your Dream?

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Yep…I know the story all to well.

You’ve been working your butt off and trying to pay special attention to details simply because you know that in order to succeed it has to be done right….. and yet you’re still getting your teeth kicked in.

Kind of feel like your just spinning your wheels?

I’ve been there too but you can’t give in.

I don’t care if you’re an Internet marketer like me, a singer or even somebody who has an idea to offer the world the best kites they’ve ever flown!

You must not allow yourself to believe that you can’t have your dream.

Your dream is sacred!

Even if you’ve shared it with others…it’s still sacred.

A singer/songwriter will not become a great musician without first writing 30 ok songs.

As the saying goes….you really do have to get back up on the horse.

Believe me, I think I’ve made every mistake possible.

……..and as far as money goes.

When I first started this website and blog it earned only pennies per month.

It’s presently earning hundreds per month and one day when more of my visitors feel that I have earned their trust it will make thousands per month. Possibly even tens of thousands per month.

There have been many days I was ready to throw in the towel and just give up!

…But every time I began to lose my confidence I would always force myself to look back month per month and see what I have accomplished. Even though the monetary gains seemed small each month, the progress kept becoming more substantial. Success was taking form in ways other than just money. The site has continuously gained in regular readers and visitors, more people began switching over from just visitors to registered members, my writing skills have increased, I’m much less of an introvert now days, a new service has been added to the site, PageRank increased and so on.

When I looked at it in that light with the knowledge that the pay is still increasing it suddenly felt like I was succeeding and that gave me new hope to go on.

Keep your grand idea close to your heart and real in your mind!

When you feel like you’ve had enough and you’re ready to give up on your dream just look back and measure what you’ve accomplished.

We humans need to see and feel accomplishment in order to continue driving forward.

Don’t step on the brakes… on the accelerator.

Learn more….dig deeper.

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