How to Compete With Big Business Online

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Big BusinessA common problem many Internet marketers share is trying to compete with big business online.

Companies like Amazon, eBay and can make it extremely difficult for the little guy running his/her own small eCommerce site.

These companies have endless amounts of money for advertising and brand recognition so how can your little site compete with that?

The obvious answer is that you need to stand out.

Let’s say, for example, that your site sells small home electrical appliances, books, music CD’s, DVD’s and games. We already know the three bigger sites above sell those items also.

In order for you to compete in that arena you’ll need to find a way to be unique. Since your site sells more media material than home appliances it may be a good idea to narrow your product line down to only include media. Once you’ve narrowed down to selling media only your business will be in a tighter niche making it easier to target your audience.

The next step should be to start branding your business. What can you do to set your online business apart from the rest? Big Business understands branding well but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete. You can easily brand with the best of them. Now that your niche has been narrowed down maybe your new buzz words could be something like ” One Stop Entertainment for a Diverse World.”

Boom! You’re different from all the rest.

Now all you need to do is back it up. Give your customers what they so desperately want. Focus your efforts on being what you say you are. Offer CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-Rays, cassettes, books, magazines, and games for the entire world in many different languages. Become the site that offers entertainment to a whole world and do it with class.

If you really want to drive the nail in the coffin for big business you could also add a solid pay per click campaign. This can generate instant interest along with instant sales. It’s a great way to compliment your organic search campaign. I personally like Google AdWords when it comes to pay per click. Using a properly researched keyword campaign you can generate hundreds or thousands of visitors for as little as $.04 per click. Do not, however, start an AdWords campaign without knowing what your doing or it could prove very costly with little reward . Google offers some excellent tutorials and videos on how to run a proper campaign. In addition there are many other books available on the market written by successful AdWords Campaign Managers from all around the world.

Use your new buzz slogan everywhere in every ad you make….regardless if it’s in print or online. Place it under your site heading and in your company email signatures. Use it in your link building program if possible. You want people to know that this is what you’re all about and you don’t mind showing them.

Treat your customers like royalty and deliver on time every time and you will soon see that not only can you compete with big business online……you can become big business online.

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