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In the past when I needed images for my blog or website I would try to find free clip-art or other high quality free images to use that would help get my point across. This can get very tiresome when you suddenly find yourself searching and searching to find the right image. Sometimes I would spend hours just to find an image that was only somewhat helpful.

However, recently I stumbled across and have never looked back. Yes…I do have to pay for the images now but the quality and selection of the images available seems endless.

I signed up for a free account and the best part is that it is a “pay as you go” program. You basically just purchase credits and the more credits you purchase the cheaper it gets!

So far, I’ve been very happy using the service because the images are of high quality and royalty free. They’re submitted by professional photographers from all over the world.

I guess the most important aspect for me is that when I need to find the perfect image to match my article, I just simply log in and type a phrase or term and the site will instantly generate hundreds or thousands of images that I can use. It makes it so much easier. Then I just download the image and upload it to my site.

Once the image is uploaded to my server I can then add titles, alternative text and links to the page or post where the image is located. Since the images are both high quality and unique they serve to bring additional traffic to my sites.

In the end, my laziness is what made me search for an image alternative but what a difference it has made in traffic and the professional appearance of my sites.

I’m super happy I found them.

Visit iStockPhoto here and enter the following coupon code: AFF15T0ck2011 for 10% off 50 credits or more. $70.00 minimum purchase

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