Own the Blame and Win the Game

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Owning the blame and winning the game may sound a bit cliche to some but if you think about what it really means it may give clarity when we find ourselves bowing at the feet of human nature.

When you wake up on a rainy morning to thunder shaking your bedroom window it seems pretty normal to want to blame the weather for what’s already starting out as a really horrible day.

It can be just as easy to moan about how unfair it is that you have to take public transportation to work or that your business is failing because “The Man” is holding you down.

It’s in our nature to blame everybody and everything else for our problems. The ironic part is that 99.9% of the time our problems exist because we choose that path.

We complain and we ponder yet we never take any steps to remedy the situation.

It may be helpful to check out some of the writings of Dr. Stephen Covey. He’s an MBA from Harvard and has sold over 20 million books. One of his best known books is called “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and in the book he makes a profound statement that really rung my bell if you know what I mean. The statement is simple and reads like this. “Your life doesn’t just happen…it is carefully designed by you!”

I interpret that to mean that you have all the control but sometimes human nature makes you think otherwise.

When you begin to own the blame it means taking responsibility for your actions and your future.

If things aren’t going the way you expected then by all means change directions.

Forget about the things you can’t change and start changing the things you can!

Win the game.

It’s just a mindset.

I used to wake up everyday and head off to a job I didn’t like doing anymore. Believe me…I complained for years and did my share of whining and bitching. I hardly ever smiled or laughed. Life had become stale and completely uneventful.

But…by keeping an open mind, reading the right material and aligning myself with people who think the same way I’ve been able to turn things around.

I wouldn’t say that I’m wealthy yet in terms of money but I’m on the right path and it’s a path that I’m happy to be traveling on.

The better advantage is that I no longer feel smothered by life but instead feel refreshingly alive. This is because I’m now making all the decisions and taking all the blame.

It’s good to finally realize that you’re in control of what happens to you.

When that reality becomes a habit that you explain to yourself on a daily basis your world can suddenly become very interesting and fun.

So when life starts to get you down and nothing seems to be going right just remember to own the blame and win the game.

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