Six Months of Free Advertising Follow Up

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What Will You Do For 6 Months of Free Business Advertising?

Will you try to impress me with your killer smooth showmanship?

Will you do something good for the whole world?

Might you do something hilariously funny?

or will you try to smooze me with your best business proposition?

The floor is yours now…

Let the ideas flow!

lol …(I’m such a Rookie YouTuber)… lol

Ok….so I get that sad might not be fun but it could be taken as unique.

This is the follow up video for 6 months of free website advertising.

Watch this video then enter here to win ———>>>> Free Advertising Contest <<<<———Do it!

Actual URL–>>> http://moderndaypeasants.com/blog/2010/09/09/want-6-months-of-free-website-advertising/

Leave your best idea in the comments on the original post link above.

This is FUN and you could win SIX MONTHS OF FREE ADVERTISING for your business or business website.

All previous rules are still in effect with the exception of the deadline for your entries and the following statement.

“I must be allowed to verify the winning idea is fulfilled by no later than 2 weeks after the winner is announced.”

The winner will be awarded six months of free business or website advertising on our blog home page on November 1st, 2010.

Deadline for entries is on 10/31/2010 at 11:59 PM…..oooohhhhoo Halloween!

The winner will need to supply their own banner.

I can recommend some places to get one if needed.

….and remember to be fun, cool and above all unique with your ideas cause the best one is gonna get 6 months of free advertising!

Do Something Amazing!!

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