Climb Aboard the Mobile Phone Marketing Train

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So far just this week I’ve received three text ads on my mobile phone from companies marketing products such as personal refinance, movie downloads and business incorporation.

It’s quickly becoming ever so clear to me that mobile phone marketing is here to stay and offers much opportunity to thriving businesses all over.

I mean think about….a large portion of the world now owns a mobile phone. I think the real number is somewhere around 4 and a half  billion people walking around with that little computer right by their side, in their pocket or in their purse.

The business world is becoming increasingly aware of this notion as well.

Most customers have their home computers turned on for only about an hour per day, however, they have their cell phones on all day long.

It’s a viable way to keep your name and offers in front of potential clients in an ongoing manor.

Serious Internet Marketers have been toying around with the notion of earning money with mobile phone marketing for the last few years but the problem has always been that nobody really knew how to tackle and harness it.

Until now that is…..

Meet Kim Dushinski.

She’s the President of Mobile Marketing Profits, a marketing firm that provides mobile marketing training and tools to marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. In addition, she also authored the best selling book, The Mobile Marketing Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Mobile Marketing Campaigns.

The successful entrepreneur and 1988 graduate of the University of Denver used her 20 years of marketing experience as well as her personal mobile marketing research to write a book and build a website that teaches people how to earn money with mobile phone marketing.

You can check out her site and learn things such as how to start a mobile phone marketing business, creating text message campaigns, how to build a mobile website or even purchase a full mobile marketing business in a box.

If you’re still unsure about the longevity of mobile phone marketing all one needs to do is look at the emphasis the biggest search engines namely Google, Bing and Yahoo have placed on optimizing for mobile search.

Remember…the best way to brand your business is by keeping your name forever in front of your perspective clients. Keep them posted and up to date on what your company is doing differently.

Maybe it’s time we all climb aboard the mobile phone marketing train for it appears this will surely be the leading online marketing application very soon.

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