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It’s ironic that a reforming social introvert like myself would be writing a blog post titled “Meet, Greet and Engage” but that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Meet greet and engage or “MGE”, as I like to refer to it, is a system I use to remind myself the importance of “social conversation” and “brief encounters” as related to personal life and/or business.

The biggest thing I’ve learned so far in my new life journey is that you can’t advertise or backlink your way to the top.

While the above mentioned tasks are certainly needed, it’s more about connecting with people.

The non social offline world we live in is horrible and I was certainly no different until recently.

Nobody makes it a point to say hello….nobody introduces themselves……nobody engages anybody!

We’re like a bunch of zombies just walking aimlessly in the streets without purpose.

So I have begun to make it a point to meet, greet and engage with the world. Offline it ranges from initiating conversation with perfect strangers to seeking like minded social meetings and everything in between. In the online world I try to spark up conversations as well through the use of blogging, genuine blog commenting, social networks, email, etc…

Meeting and engaging with others, in general, can do wonders for our own personal lives as well as our business lives.

You never know who’s sitting next to you in a train station, at a coffee shop, restaurant or anywhere else for that matter. You could be sitting right next to somebody with a connection to your business and never even know it because you failed to say hello and introduce yourself. The same applies to online forums and social networking groups and such.

You can meet and start a conversation with almost anybody by simply complimenting a piece of clothing they may be wearing or maybe saying “Hi, I’m ___, how are you? Twenty minutes later you just might find that you have much in common and end up exchanging business cards.

To understand the positive effects of MGE you only need to remember how it was on your first day of a new class in school or possibly your most recent organized meeting you attended.

You know what I’m talking about. At the start everybody is quiet and nobody knows anybody. The teacher or organizer requests that everyone stand up and introduce themselves and you suddenly feel that sick feeling in your stomach. But by the end of the day you found that you made at least one friend or contact if not many and nobody laughed at you.

So we basically just need to take this process and use it on a daily basis. It’s not as scary as you may think it to be and I promise only 1 out 10 will bite….lol.

For me it’s easier to remember MGE than it is to remember Meet Greet and Engage. By keeping the notion of MGE at the front of my thoughts I’m able to grow faster on both a personal level as well as a business level.

The more people I meet and engage, the more well rounded I become and the more successful I feel.

Please share some of the ideas you have used to meet, greet and engage with others and how has it helped you to grow on a personal or business level.

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