Don’t Be Afraid to Get Involved

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Why am I telling you to not be afraid and get involved?

On September 9th, 2010 I did something I’ve never done before.

I offered a contest for 6 months of free business advertising on the front page of this blog and the winner is going to be announced October 31st, 2010.

I put certain conditions on the contest because instead of charging money for the advertising I wanted your participation and unique ideas. This is an effort on my part to reach out, interact and communicate with others in similar fields.

Still, to this date, nobody has entered the contest!

What are you thinking?? Hurry up…time is running out!!

I can only assume that some of you are either too lazy or too afraid to get involved. I’m hoping most of you are just still getting your ideas together.

If it’s laziness then I can’t help but please don’t ever be afraid to get involved with anything that has low risk and may have a positive outcome for you and your business. If you’re afraid to take chances you are seriously limiting your success.

Is it such a crime that I’m asking for your involvement and your ideas?

This blog is about ideas…..It’s about being unique and different so why wouldn’t I put conditions on the contest?

Hopefully it will help us all expand our minds and get outside the box.

I guess I could have just as easily sold the advertising spot for cash but how would that help those of you with lower budgets? What’s more is how would it help any of us expand our minds? Sometimes we can and should take the path of least resistance but not always. In those other instances we have to walk the walk in order to be able to talk the talk.

Do something good…..do something to amaze us….do something cool or funny.

The best idea wins!

Get your peeps together and use your noggins.

Learn more about the free advertising contest here.

We’re all looking forward to your ideas!

Don’t be afraid to get involved.

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