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In this post I wanted to give you guys a real review of the newly created Viral Search Traffic program.

I joined as a free member at the Viral Search Traffic website approximately 3 weeks ago. Yes…this is my personal link and I have no shame in placing it here…. Read on and you’ll see why.

As many of you know…I’m not afraid to try new traffic building ideas. I do, however, sometimes grow weary of certain traffic exchanges because they fail to produce targeted traffic but instead just low counts of untargeted random traffic.

When I first heard about viralsearchtraffic.com I assumed it was going to be just another highly talked about traffic exchange that really only produced the random traffic noted above.

After joining and seeing it in action for three weeks now I am very happy to admit that I was wrong.

Viral Search Traffic is definitely the real deal and therefore so is this review.

I noticed right away when signing up that the program wasn’t a traffic exchange at all but instead a company who had formed a partnership with a new search engine. What’s more they found a way to generate excitement while at the same time forming a snowball effect of traffic for affiliates who tell others about the program.

The search engine is named cocoSearch and claims to be the world’s fastest search engine offering the same results Google gives only faster. It’s seems to be growing pretty fast due to the speed and design flow of their site joined with some amazing marketing and partnership deals.

This in itself is the beauty of the program!

When you sign up for a free account with Viral Search Traffic you are invited to create an ad which gets posted at the top of targeted page results for cocoSearch.

It’s just like pay-per-click but free.

Already since joining my ad has been shown 704 times at the top of targeted cocoSearch results pages.

It’s worth noting that I have not yet seen increased sales from the ad but that could be just as much my fault. Sometimes you have to test your ads and rewrite them many times before the sales start to show. I have not performed any ad testing or changed the ad yet. Yeah I know….I’ve been kind of dragging my butt! lol

I also like the fact that you can earn new traffic in three different ways.

First….you can search the web using a special cocoSearch link and you’ll get 1.2 credits just for regular searches. I personally chose to use cocoSearch as my default search engine while including the special link in my browser.

Secondly, you can get family and friends to use the special link and when they do you’ll get another credit for each of their searches.

Finally you can place a link on your site or send it to your list and get credits for all of their searches as well and it goes up to five deep. So basically you can earn credits for all the people who have signed up in your downline up to 5 for each one.

In the end you’re simply introducing other people to a decent new search engine and trading your credits from Viral Search Traffic to have an ad at the top of the search results…. The prize of course being the traffic is targeted and comes instantly.

One Negative – If you still use Google Webmaster, and you certainly should be, your either going to have to type in the term “Google” at the cocoSearch bar or you’re going to have to add a Google Search Box to your browser. It wasn’t too big of deal for me though. I just added the search bar to my browser but still use cocoSearch to search the web.

So in the end if you decide to join you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

I know I was.

I couldn’t be more tickled with the whole program and I hope my real Viral Search Traffic review will help you make your decision.

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