eBay Selling Tips Part Two

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eBay selling tips part two is a follow up post to further help you with your eBay selling and/or eBay business.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the original eBay selling tips you can check it out now at the aforementioned link.

That being said, let’s go ahead and get started with the additional tips.

1. Get a tax ID and or reseller’s license. The cost is relatively low…usually about $25.00 to $50.00 depending on your state. You will find that it will help tremendously in the way of securing legitimate wholesale companies who are willing to sell their products to you at a wholesale price. If you’re unsure how to get this just check your state’s Department of Revenue website or your local area Chamber of Commerce.

2. Once you have enough inventory consider starting an eBay Store. The basic package runs about $15.95 a month but includes many benefits not available to regular eBay sellers such as real time reporting, pageview statistics from your shoppers, the abilty to offer discounts with markdown manager, exclusive merchandising features and much more.

3. Customize your templates and or listing backgrounds by learning more about html. eBay allows the use of html in your listings to change color, add images and pictures, change text, layout width and length and etc… Try visiting a site called FreeForm. It’s free to use and may help quite a bit.

4. Consider setting up an LLC or incorporating your business for legal protection against law suits and to help with taxes and write offs and such. You can usually download the forms from your state’s Secretary of State website but it can get complicated doing it yourself. There are many websites online who will do this for you as well for a fee. Some are higher priced than others and some are just plain criminals. I’ve read good things about CorpNet, Incorporated if you would rather have somebody else handle it for you. Setting up a corporation is serious business and should be treated as such. If you have a personal attorney you might consider talking to him or her first.

5. Use item specifics when setting up your listings. When you list a product on eBay, the “Sell Your Item” form will ask you specific questions about the item your selling such as color, size, brand and many other questions based on similar listings. You’ll want to add as many item specifics as you can per listing. The reason is because many people searching to buy on eBay are searching for specific things and they will use the eBay functions to narrow down their search. If you don’t have the item specifics filled out your product may easily be skipped over.

6. Try to start and end your auctions at optimal times. You’ll want to do this for increased sales of your listings. Saturdays and Sundays at noon is a good time. If you must end them through the week try to end them around 5:00 to 7:00 PM. This should give everybody enough time to get home from work. Also keep in mind the different time zones.

7. Always Preview your listings. This will accomplish two very important tasks. By remembering to preview your listings before listing it you can be sure to fix errors and also check that your listing is easily readable with proper spacing between benefits and selling points.

8. Take great photos. How many times have you purchased an item on eBay that had a terrible photo? Probably not too often! Get yourself a good digital camera with high megapixel capability. Don’t be afraid to show different angles of the product and use different lighting when needed.

9. Keep track of your costs. There are fees involved when selling a product or products on eBay or anywhere else. To be profitable, as with any business, you must have a real understanding of your true product cost. Not only will you have the cost associated with the purchase and shipping of the product when you bought it wholesale but you will also pay other fees such as listing fees, final value fees, shipping cost and shipping materials, Paypal and credit card fees and so on. It’s critical that you always know and understand what fees are involved in selling a product otherwise you may sell a boatload of stuff and find out that you’re in the hole at the end of the month.

10. Make an effort to find your own niche market. Everybody and their mother sells electronics on eBay. This makes the competition stiff and keeps your profits low. Try to find a niche product in high demand by a relatively small group of people. This can help ensure the future success of your eBay business.

Ok… that’s about all the eBay selling tips I have at this time. I truly hope these tips help you to succeed in your eBay business. Stay focused and try to keep it fun and I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

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