Don’t Let Fear Control Your Destiny

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If you let fear control your destiny you are essentially strangling your inner strength.

We all have fears.

The object is to cautiously work through them.

What if Alexander Graham Bell had been scared to follow his aspirations to send voice signals over a wire and finally invent the world’s first telephone?

It would be a much less connected world than it is today. That’s for sure!

It’s good to have fear because fear keeps you on your toes but you can’t let it consume you.

Move forward in achieving your dreams even if others laugh at you and say it’s impossible.

Nothing is impossible!

Recognize that your fears are merely the mind’s subconscious reaction to what others are saying instead of what you are saying.

Do not, however, confuse fear with caution.

Caution is well and needed in order for you to control your fear and your destiny.

Caution allows you to set your mind and heart at ease.

Always take the necessary steps to learn the unknown in your life as well as your business.

Knowledge truly is power.

The more you know, the less fear you have.

It may take years but who cares?

Then and only then will you control your own destiny.

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