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In today’s post I want to present some ideas you can use to grow your online business in 2011.

After all…. what good is an online business or any other business for that matter if it doesn’t ever start growing or continue to grow?

Not much of a business at all I’d say.

Some time ago, I added a (1) question survey in the right hand widget bar of this blog asking readers to help me get to know them so I could better understand how to help them.

The majority of people answering the survey all say the same thing: “I’ve been trying to earn money with Internet Marketing for a while now but have earned very little.”

My answer to you is, don’t feel like you’re the only one. As a matter of fact you’re in good company with approximately 96% of online start ups in the same predicament.

But know that you have an outstanding opportunity, particularly this new year of 2011, to do something about it.

Good SEO will always be a factor but as long as you’ve been doing your homework you should really be starting to get a grasp on that department by now. Even if you’ve hired an SEO consultant you still must always keep a hands on approach and stay up to date with new and fresh SEO ideas and techniques.

The real force to catapult your online business in 2011, however, will be a sincere and devoted effort to connect with your niche peers and your potential customers.

In a year when social networking is almost at it’s peek you simply can’t afford to miss out on the connections being made available to you.

If you’re serious about growing your online business this year then you need to reach out and touch a lot of people using all the tools at your disposal.

Blog more, spend more time building your Facebook network, Tweet more, email more, go to more conventions, make more phone calls, text more, read more, comment more and so on.

When things get stale, and I promise they will, it’s ok to change it up a bit. Just be sure to keep multiple lines of communication open with your peers and your customers and stay close to the topic of your business.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and communicate with others. On the contrary, you should make every effort to connect with, help and learn from as many as possible.

In the words of Jack Humphrey, author of the very successful blog Friday Traffic Report, everything we do is about getting attention on the web. We’re all great at being social for personal attention but seem to have a disconnect when it comes to being social about our business. You can read the full article Traffic Equals Attention: Your Goals for 2011 and maybe it will help put things into perspective.

If you truly want to grow your online business in 2011 then start it off right by making a conscious decision, or even a habit, to connect your business socially with the online world.

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