Visit Self Storage Auctions for eBay Merchandise to Sell

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One of the hottest new ways to acquire eBay merchandise to sell is by visiting self storage auctions.

I realize right now you’re probably saying “what in the heck is he talking about?”

So please allow me to elaborate.

The latest craze for hungry money makers, eBayers and flea marketers is to visit local self storage facilities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in hopes to bid on an expired or unpaid self storage unit in an auction type atmosphere.

I don’t know about the area you live in but these self storage facilities are all over the city I live in.

A winning bidder of a self storage auction could easily acquire thousands of dollars in merchandise to sell on eBay, or any other venue, for pennies on the dollar.

Self storage facility owners have learned to use this as a way to recoup some of the money lost from tenants who fail to pay the monthly storage rent on time.

It’s pretty simple and genius in a way because the winning bidder can usually get the entire contents of a single or multiple self storage unit for very little money.

The way it usually works is the facility owner will advertise the date of an auction at the entrance to his/her facility or in the front office. When the self storage auction actually begins the owner/manager will cut the lock off the unit and quickly raise the door to show bidders what’s inside but you usually aren’t allowed to walk in and sift through the merchandise. You can only look from the outside. Bidding will generally start at about $25.00 to $30.00 and go up to maybe a $100.00 or more depending on what people can see.

If you’ve personally rented a self storage unit yourself, and I will suppose most people have, you know what kind of items are stored in them. People store jewelry, televisions, furniture, knives, guns, paintings, baseball cards, electronics and the list goes on and on. In many cases it’s all awesome merchandise to be sold on eBay or Craigslist except for maybe the guns because you can’t sell firearms on eBay.

In some cases people will store their entire life in a self storage unit and not pay the bill because they don’t have the money or they just don’t care to pick up and transport all the stuff when they move.

At this time the self storage auction niche is hot because of the new show on Spike TV called “Auction Hunters”, however, it’s also a niche that is still largely untapped. You might consider checking out The New Ebay – Self Storage Auctions – ITM ALERT, at the Internet Time Machine, for a testament to that.

I’m curious and hungry for your comments, particularly if you’ve been successful at some of these auctions.

In short….if you’re an eBayer looking for new eBay merchandise to sell it may benefit you in a substantial way to start visiting your local self storage auctions.

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