Deciding What to Sell on eBay

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Deciding what to sell on eBay can be the toughest part for anybody who is considering eBay as a full time business and or income.

Sure… you can earn a passive income selling just about anything on eBay but if you have a desire to turn it into a full time business proper research is going to be key.

The reason is because competition is stiff and there’s literally millions of people out there who have decided to take the same plunge.

You’re going to need to be ahead of the curve. Unnecessary risks are a no no in the business world, be it online or brick and mortar.

I’m not writing this to scare you away from eBay because the potential to make a ton of money still exist but you can’t go into it blindly. You simply have to know things up front like which products are selling well and where to get those products.

To be extremely successful on eBay you have to understand trends. What’s hot and what’s not or so to speak.

So to help you decide what to sell on eBay I’ve put together a small list of information which may be useful to you.

(1)The first method you can use to find what’s selling on eBay is to visit their home page at and notice the search bar at the top of the page. To the right hand side of the search bar you should see a blue link that says “advanced.” Click on the advanced search link and about half way down you’ll notice it says completed listings. Check the completed listings box and search through the categories that seem interesting to you. You can also type in a word or phrase for a product you may be interested in selling at the top where it says “Enter Keywords or Item Number.” After you’ve entered the keyword click search at the bottom of that page and it will show you all the completed listings for that item and how much they sold for. This can be a very useful tool to help you on deciding what to sell on eBay.

(2)Another great way to decide what to sell is by visiting eBay Pulse. eBay Pulse as described by eBay themselves is a daily snapshot of current trends, hot picks and cool stuff on the site. It will show you things like popular searches, largest stores and most watched items. Learning this information beforehand can go along way in helping you understand what’s currently selling well on eBay and what you may want to consider selling. It can also show you if a particular market is already flooded.

(3)Lastly…and these ideas are probably for the more serious minded sellers because each of them require an upfront investment to use the tools but can also give you a huge advantage by way of product research along with wholesale product acquisition and dropshipping services.

I’ve mentioned a few of these before in other posts on this site and some of them are new.

Check out World Wide Brands – The only publisher of wholesale supplier information certified by eBay. Includes a database using instant market research technology with every wholesale product search. Over 8,000 verified wholesale and dropship suppliers and the company is listed and highly regarded with the Better Business Bureau.

SaleHoo – Includes beginner’s guide to eBay and eBay advanced training. Offers over 8,000 verified wholesale and drop ship suppliers, eBay software and tools, business registration and setup guides and much more.

TeraPeak – Price your eBay Items for Success A leading eBay market research tool. eBay PowerSellers use TeraPeak to keep an eye on their competition and market place. Helps you develop solid selling strategies, discover hot product trends and ultimately find great and profitable products to sell.

HammerTap – An eBay research tool used to help you discover what products to sell on eBay and how to make more sales more often. Includes free webinars, a 90 day money back guarantee and a free 10 day trial at sign-up.

Ok…so that’s all I have for this post.

Go now and do some research.

Don’t take the decisions that will feed you and your family lightly.

Hopefully these tips will seriously help you when it comes to deciding what to sell on eBay.

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