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Are you constantly searching for new ways to find more website traffic? I’m betting you are. I spent a couple years trying to figure out different ways to find more website traffic. Mostly with dismal results.

As a matter of fact, I most often find myself writing about different ways to get traffic to a website because it’s the single most important step that people just don’t understand. Here’s a tip that might just help you get over that hump.

From my own personal experience, I will tell you the idea is not to find more website traffic but instead use proven techniques to get the traffic to find you and your website.

Instead of thinking in terms of finding your website traffic, start performing the known necessary steps to get  targeted traffic right to your page or pages.

How do you do that?

After 3 years of doing this now I can tell you with great certainty that you must first have content on your site that a sizeable crowd is searching for.

The design of your website, blog or page can be basic.  More often than not, this works the best. Just keep it easy and simple. Most people prefer simple and easy as opposed to flashy and technical.

Second and just as important is good on-page optimization.This is where you truly begin to go and get the traffic as opposed to trying to find the website traffic.

The basic idea is to use your page keyword in a relevant manor and enough times so the search engines can understand with certainty that your page is definitely related to that keyword.  Take the time to do proper keyword research first so you know which will be easier to conquer. Most of the time you should be targeting long-tailed keywords as opposed to one word keywords. The reason is because most single word keywords are very hard to rank on the search engine’s first page. Keyword density on the page should be approximately 2 to 4% per every 350 words.

Finally, and in my opinion the single most important aspect which must work hand in hand with the above two steps is proper link building.

Link building also has nothing to do with finding more website traffic and everything to do with bringing it to you.

You absolutely must be running a stellar link building program. To be more exact you must be building lots of backlinks with different versions of your long-tailed keyword used as the anchor text and all pointing back to your page.

You can build these links in a variety of ways such as Directory Submission, social bookmarking, profile backlinks, forums, Article Marketing and the list goes on.

The main point to remember is the links must be relevant and it would be nice if they were dofollow links with higher PageRank. Dofollow simply means there is not a nofollow tag attached to your link effectively reducing it’s worth to the value of whatever page it’s located on.

I’ve been building quality links to all my sites for quite some time now. We’ve even began building them for others if you care to view our Building Backlinks page.

We build them on a regular basis because it’s a task that must be done consistently in order to compete.

Obviously, competition will always exist in any type market be it online or off.

The real idea is to be smarter and work smarter than the competition.

If you can do the above three tasks on a consistent basis you’re going to be just fine in due time.

So you see…when all is said and done…you really shouldn’t be asking how to find more website traffic. You should be actively and consistently going out and doing the things noted above so the traffic finds you.

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