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Have you ever found a time when you needed print capability for your WordPress blog?

I have on more than one occasion and when that happens I begin to search for remedies.

After trying multiple plugins and even some paid tools, I luckily came across the free WordPress Print This Section plugin developed by Scott Hair at

This plugin allows WordPress authors to add a shortcode to print out a specific section of their post in a simple clean format.

More than likely you will stumble across a point where you need to have only one or multiple sections in your blog post to have printing capability such as individual images, recipes, coupons, directions, etc.

The plugin will allow your visitors to do exactly that.

People won’t have to print your entire post in a garbled format. It will only print the individual section they need printed.

It’s extremely easy to use. Once downloaded and installed all you need to do is highlight the area or section in which you want to be printable and then click the Print This Section button which will now show up in your WordPress Console under “Add New Post.”

It automatically adds a small customizable print button to the section(s) you choose.

Scott and the guys over at Two Deuces have obviously worked very hard on this plugin and seem to be always updating it and making it better for any and all who use it.

I currently use this plugin on one of my other sites and have been for some time. It’s a powerful tool offering excellent printing capability for any WordPress blog.

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