Wanna Get Some Free Media Coverage?

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How would you like to get some free media coverage for your business or website?

I’m betting heavily that you wouldn’t mind it so much!

There’s a little known secret place on the web where you may be able to do just that.

Have you ever heard of HARO …also know as Help A Reporter Out?

It’s a social media service founded in 2008 by an awesome entrepreneur named Peter Shankman. The idea was originally created as a Facebook Group but has since grown like mad.

In my opinion, HARO is an enormous social networking site that helps to connect reporters with bloggers and other experts on any given subject.

They have connections with over 30,000 reporters and bloggers along with a 100,000 news sources.

Anybody who’s anybody in the news/media business knows about HARO and now you do to!

So how can this help you get some free media coverage?

It’s genius really!

Just go to their site and register to be a source.

After registration you’ll begin to get 3 emails a day each filled with requests from different reporters, bloggers and other media personnel. These people are all searching for testimony or answers from other people who are an expert at a certain field and then they will use the best or most logical testimony as a source.

That expert may be you.

1888 PressRelease

Everybody’s an expert at something, right?

Yes…we are all experts at something and HARO knows this. That’s why they use the phrase as their tag line.

Anyway…I don’t think I need to elaborate much more on this subject to get the point across.

If a reporter or media person with a large following should happen to write a story using you as their source it could mean tons of free exposure and media coverage for your business or website.

You never know…you could literally become well known almost overnight if you’re a serious expert in your field and have something interesting to share with the rest of the world.

Just make sure to be forthcoming with the emails and reporters you respond to. These folks are all pros and they are expecting you to be as well. If you can truly help a reporter out then by all means respond. Please don’t, however, start responding to tons of stuff you know nothing about. HARO is a fine community with over 100,000 members and I’m betting I can speak for everybody when I say it should stay that way.

Follow the five rules of HARO and you will be just fine.

This works great for people involved in Internet Marketing but can work just as well for almost any other business out there.

So leave my blog now and go check HARO out for yourself.

If you are an expert at anything and wanna get some free media coverage this might prove to be a good place to start.

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