When I Want to Write I Read

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reading imageOften you hear bloggers, writers, musicians and other creatives mention their battles with writer’s block.

I get writer’s block just like anybody else does and one thing I’ve found which really helps when I want to write is to read.

It’s funny because I could site for hours trying to think of topics to write about and when it’s all said and done I come up empty handed. Very frustrating!

However, I found some time ago, when I just type a keyword into Google on a subject I’m interested in such as music or Internet Marketing I quickly become immersed in the articles and the thrill of the search.

So immersed, in fact, that my frustration goes away and I forget all about trying to write.

Then after maybe 20 minutes or sometimes as much as 2 or 3 hours, without fail, I stumble across something that makes me want to write.

It could be an article that reminds me of a particular marketing technique which I previously wanted to share with you but forgot or it could be something totally new which I’ve now learned and still want to share it with others.

If I want to write music, sometimes just reading a good book works wonders.

Either way it happens because reading stimulates the mind and increases brain activity.

It allows your brain to think in directions that it couldn’t previously because of inactivity.

It can also give you inspiration with the vocabulary, overall tone and flow of your writing.

So the next time you get a bout of writer’s block, especially if your blogging or writing for a living or even on a personal or social level, try reading about your interests.

It will probably not only get rid of that momentary ‘What should I write about” question but also help you to write more effectively as a whole.

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