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Today I’ve got a really awesome free service for you to check out which allows you to bring all your files with you anywhere at anytime.

Check out Dropbox if you haven’t already heard of them.

It’s an online service where you can sign up to save your video files, photos and documents, etc. to all of your computers, phones and the Dropbox website.

How does this service help your business?

Well, first of all it makes it extremely easy to share your files with businesses and other professionals in your field. You can send people links to specific files in your Dropbox account.

Secondly…it can be used as a form of backup to store important and secure files.

We’ve all heard the horror stories from small businesses who lost important software, documents, etc. due to fire, flood, viruses, theft and other unforeseen problems.

This chance won’t exist with Dropbox because all the files are stored online.

Finally, one of the best benefits is the ability to work from anywhere. It means you can start working on a project at one location or computer then save it and finish it at home or at another computer without losing any of the work.

Check it out and see if it doesn’t make your life easier.

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