Five Simple Tips to Increase Conversions

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Rising Conversions imageMany of us spend so much time trying to find new ways to get visitors to our site’s that we spend very little time trying to get them to purchase something once they’re there.

So today, I want to give you a few simple tips to help increase conversion on your website.

After all, it does no good to get thousands of people to visit if you don’t have a call to action.

The first tip is to get straight to the point!

Most online readers don’t like to read large blocks of text so you’ll need to capture your readers attention in the first few lines. Strategically visible and relavant images or video can help as well. Keep the paragraphs short if at all possible.

Many people read a few lines then skip a few lines down and read some more while trying to determine whether your article will provide what they are looking for.

In fact most will only read the first few words in each line to see if the article is actually going to be worth their time reading it.

So, I stress again…get right to the point.

Second…Use testimonials on your page whenever possible.

People love knowing that other folks have bought the product(s) they are searching for. As humans, it comforts us in a way.

Just make sure your testimonials are from real people who have really bought from you and are truly happy with your business. Don’t be afraid to ask your most frequent or best customers for a testimonial.

The third tip to help increase conversions would be to remove Google or other affiliate ads from the page your are trying to sell on. These ads are okay to use on strictly information type pages but should be avoided on your sales pages. You’re only going to make a few cents per click anyway and it just isn’t worth driving away a potential customer who mistakes it for a spammy site because of all the ads.

The fourth tip is to avoid too much flash or music. Unless optimized very well, the flashy banners and music can slow down a site dramatically and could chase away any potential buyers who just don’t have the time for your slow page to load.

The fifth and final tip for increased conversions is to keep a professional look and feel about your site. Always double check your work for poor grammar, misspelled words, links that don’t work, etc. Trust building logos and badges such as the BBC, Trust Guard and VeriSign can go along way to help your conversion rate as well. Over 71% of online shoppers look specifically for third party seals or badges of approval when they visit a website.

Ok…that’s about it for today so go and increase your conversions to start earning more money!

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