How Many of These Mistakes Does Your Website Have?

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Are you unhappy with your website’s performance?

I know I am.

I’m generally not very happy with results as a rule because I know there’s always more that can be done and I usually find myself behind schedule most of the time.

Such is the life of an Internet Marketer!

However, lately I’ve been upbeat because of some milestones on a couple of my other sites.

Then, just as I think I’m rolling along pretty good I go and stumble across and article like this one titled 10 Biggest Small Business Website Mistakes — and How to Fix Them” written by Jon Gelberg, the Chief Content Officer for Blue Fountain Media.

Blue Fountain is a fairly large and well respected media company in New York with big name clients like Proctor&Gamble, PBS, Martha Stewart, Petco, The NFL, Nike, Walt Disney and plenty others.

Respectful names in the business industry right.

It’s difficult to not pay attention to a guy who deals with such clients and still takes the time to give us some insight on what it takes to get there.

Anyway, the article forced me to start poking holes in my own overall web business model.

Needless to say I found 5 out of the 10 biggest mistakes right here on this very site.

In today’s ultra competitive internet world, there is no room for even one of these mistakes.

Luckily… life in general, is about making mistakes and then being smart enough to recognize them and fix them.

Most of us learn from our mistakes and won’t make them twice.

It’s never too late to fix your screw-ups in the same way it’s never too late to learn something new.

When we get too smart to learn we get dumb.

I highly advise reading the article if you get the time.

It’s worth the read.

If you’re honest with yourself, you may find some of these mistakes on your site as well.

At the very least it will get you thinking and maybe even a bit motivated.

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